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Free Fire Live – Best Channels to Watch Stream

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Free Fire is among the best Battle Royale games on the mobile platform. Players from all around the world love playing Free Fire and also love watching Free Fire Live Stream on YouTube and other social platforms. There are thousands of channels dedicated to the Free Fire game, but only a handful are able to provide valuable content to the players. In this article, we have sorted out some of the best YouTube Channels to watch Free Fire Live. All the channels listed here are not permanent and might be replaced with newer, better channels in the future. Below are some of the best channels to watch Free Fire Live Stream.

Free Fire Live – Top Channels

Below we have listed some of the best channels on YouTube that provide quality content on Free Fire along with Free Fire Live Stream. You can directly visit any of the channels listed below and watch Free Fire Live Stream there. Enjoy!

Free Fire Live Channel NameNumber of SubscribersLink to Channel
Total Gaming Live2.8M
Two-Side Gamers4.6M
Desi Gamers3.9M
Gyan Gaming3.1M
Desi Army1.3M
Megadragom Gameplay1.3M
Technical KK871K
Bilash Gaming740K
BlackPink Gaming400K
Free Fire Live99.6K

Tip: You can even suggest to us your favorite YouTube Channel where you watch the Free Fire Live Stream. We might include your suggestion on this list.

Free Fire Video [Most Viewed from Each Channel]

Below we have listed the most viewed Free Fire Video uploaded by these channels. You can watch it directly by clicking on the play button and the video will start playing automatically. All these Free Fire videos are uploaded to YouTube by the channel owners.

1. Total Gaming “AWM with Ajjubhai Totally OverPower Gameplay”

2. Two-Side Gamers “Free Fire Rank Match Airdrop Only Challenge Gone Wrong”

3. Desi Gamers Factory Top Challenge Turn into BOOYAH!!

4. Gyan Gaming AWM Sniping in Free Fire

5. Desi Army Best Last Circle Fight Ever

6. Megadragom Gameplay



9. BlackPink Gaming Full Rush Ranked Gameplay Of Season 13 By Girl Player

10. Free Fire Live 20 DJ ALOK & 💎 Diamonds GIVEAWAY

Free Fire Live Guide

Free Fire Live, Free Fire Live Stream, Free Fire Live Match, Free Fire Live YouTube, Free Fire Game Online Play, Free Fire Gameplay, Free Fire Videos

Watching Free Fire Live is quite addicting, and sometimes even more than playing the game itself. But, have you ever wanted to do Free Fire Live Stream of your gameplay on Youtube or other social platforms such as Facebook Gaming, Twitch, etc. Many people dream to become a gaming streamer but due to lack of proper guidance and motivation, the dream ends even before it could start.

If you are among those aspiring gamers who wanted to showcase their talents to the world through live streaming on social media then it is the right time to begin your journey. Below we have listed some of the most important steps so that you can stream Free Fire Live on major platforms. Follow the steps carefully and do as directed.

Step 1. The very first and most important thing that is required is to have a good smartphone. A smartphone with a good processor and RAM makes sure that you can do the live stream without any issues, smoothly.

Step 2. Get a good pair of earphones/headphones with a good quality mic. Sound plays a very important role in delivering clear audio of your voice and the in-game sound to your audience. I do not like to watch the live streams with poor audio quality and skip it for another channel with a better experience.

Step 3. If you will be using your mobile network for live streaming the game, then you must make sure that the internet speed is good enough to run the game and stream it to the social platform at the same time without running into connectivity issues. We highly recommend getting a high-speed internet connection with good download and upload speeds. This would make sure that you have a stable connection throughout your Live Stream.

Step 4. Now that the basics are checked, we need to use a reliable application so that you can Live Stream Free Fire with just one click, whenever you want.

Step 5. There are plenty of free live streaming applications available on the Google Play Store for Android users, and iOS users can skip this part as the iOS in-built screen recorder is more than enough for game streaming.

Step 6. You can try out between the free live streaming apps such as Omlet Arcade, Nimo TV, Streamlabs, etc. to Stream Free Fire Live on YouTube and other major platforms. Try all these above-mentioned apps, but settle with the one which you are most comfortable with.

Step 7. Now set up the live streaming app and connect it with your YouTube Channel where you will do the live stream of the game. If you have not created a YouTube channel yet then you can do it now, it is very simple.

Step 8. Now, after everything is set up, start your first Test Stream privately. Ask one of your friends to check if everything such as the audio and video quality is good. If everything is good then you can start your Free Fire gaming journey.

Live Streaming Tips for Beginners

Free Fire Live, Free Fire Live Stream, Free Fire Live Match, Free Fire Live YouTube, Free Fire Game Online Play, Free Fire Gameplay, Free Fire Videos

Now that we have walked you through all the important steps of how to live stream Free Fire, you should have no problems streaming the game if you follow all the steps without skipping any. Other than these steps, there are important things that one should keep in mind if they are just starting with their game streaming journey.

1. Do not rush things up, you are new in the industry and you need to work hard like all the other top Free Fire live streamers to make your way up.

2. Almost every other player live streams their gameplay on YouTube or other social, but only a few players survive, while others quit the journey due to not getting views and subscribers.

3. You must know that nothing worth having comes easy. And, it applies to live streaming games as well. You have to work hard in the beginning, have to go through all the ups and downs, only then you will succeed.

4. Always remember to present quality over quantity. Having 100 Free Fire videos is worthless, rather than having only 10 videos that provide quality content. People love quality and always search for videos from which they can learn something new.

5. Apart from live streaming Free Fire, make informational videos, tips and tricks videos, and other interesting and funny videos to get more views, likes, and shares in the initial days.

6. As your channel would start to grow, and you have a good number of subscribers (1000 or more), now you can start doing live streams daily. Do not forget to announce the time of your Free Fire Live Stream one day prior so that your subscriber will be aware of your live stream and should come to watch it.

7. Keep live streaming and posting good Free Fire videos regularly to grow your channel even more and get thousand and millions of subscribers.


In this article, we talked about Free Fire Live in detail explaining everything that would be very important for a Free Fire player. You can watch the live streams of the game for hours or be a live streamer yourself by following our detailed guide. First, decide for yourself, set a goal, and then work to achieve it. If you have decided to become a live streamer then always remember one thing, Patience.

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