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How to Level Up Faster In Clash Of Clans – Guide to Gain XP Quickly in COC!

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Ever wondered what is XP (Experience points) / Level Up, and how they are calculated for the activities you perform in Clash of Clans. COC is a fantastic war strategy game on Android and iOS platforms that never gets boring, and is an addicting game for many mobile gamers worldwide. In this article, I am very sure that you guys are going to learn about How to Level Up Faster in Clash of Clans, or Gain Fast Experience Points (XP) in COC. Things behind earning experience points, the relation between the experience points and your level and much more has been discussed in this post.

What is Experience Points (XP) and How is it Gained?

Experience points (XP) are a sort of numerical value, and the more you accumulate them, The faster and higher your level will grow. If you are joining any new Clan, sometimes they see your profile level to make sure you are not a newbie with a low profile level. The level in COC is a crucial measure that indicates your experiences gained from the game and tells others about how experienced you are. I have listed the things below, including where experience is gained or level up fast in the clash of clans. So, now let us discuss how to earn XP and gain levels faster in Clash of Clans.

Donation of Troops in Clash of Clans to Gain XP

The troop donation is necessary for every member of the clan to make the clan stable, and strong by helping other members get stronger troops for the clan war. The good thing about donation is that they can help you gain experience points. Based on the housing spacing of the unit, when you donate any troops, you get that some amount of experience points (XP). For example, when you donate an archer to a clanmate, for each archer, you will get one experience points (XP), and if you donate a Pekka, you will get 25 experience points (XP) since the housing space of Pekka is 25. However, a donation in war bases does not yield you any experience points or add up in friend in need achievement because one can tell another player to delete the troops that he donates in his war castle. So he gains XP repeatedly. So to counter this loophole, the developers of the game have disabled this.

Destroying Enemy Town Halls in Clash of Clans To Level Up Fast

Destroying Town Halls during a raid on the enemy base is a great way to gain some decent amount of XP in Clash of Clans. One can destroy as many Town Halls as soon he sees them outside in a Multiplayer attack. Nowadays, most of the farming bases have their town halls out in the open. When destroying a town hall, the Player is given the experience that is equal to the level of the town hall. For example, if a clasher destroys a town hall 10 he gets 10 XP. One can repeatedly destroy a goblins base in a single-player match, but the XP is comparatively low.

Constructing and Upgrading Buildings For Fast Level Up in COC

Most of the experience gained by the clashers is from the buildings. When you finish constructing a building, and when an upgrade of your building just finishes up, you are awarded some amount of experience points in COC. The Time taken for the construction of the building is related to the experience points. I will show you how the experience points for buildings are calculated. You have to convert the construction time of a building to seconds and take the square root of it and put round value.

For Example – Upgrading an Archer Tower to Level 3 takes 15 minutes, now

  1. Convert 15 minutes into seconds that is 15*60 = 900 seconds,
  2. Take the square root of 900 seconds you will get 30,
  3. The experience points you would gain is 30.

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Clearing Obstacles Helps To Gain XP in Clash of Clans

Obstacle clearing helps you to get free gems in Clash of Clans, and also some decent amount of experience points (XP). In this case, similar to upgrading buildings, the time directly relates to the experience points. For example, for 10 sec you get 3, 15 sec you get 5, 20 sec you get 4, like that it keeps on increasing for the time.


Other than all the methods to level up fast in Clash of Clans, completing achievements is one of the best ways to earn huge amounts of gems as well as experience points. The achievements section can be found at your profile. Achievements such as “A Friend in Need” and league achievements help you to gain experience and level up faster IN COC. Till now, completing all the achievements gives you a huge amount of gems and some considerable amount of XP. So that is it for the article on how to gain more XP and level up faster in Clash of Clans. Do share your thoughts on the same, and do not forget to share this guide with other clashers.!

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