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Pokémon GO – Get Three Remote Raid Passes for 1 PokéCoin Only! [LIMITED TIME]

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September is on with, and for the Pokémon GO trainers, the month is filled with excitement. Looking at the Pokémon GO September 2020 Schedule, there is a lot that is going to happen this month. As we all know that the Pokémon GO Mega Evolution has already made its way to the game and, trainers can now battle the Mega Pokémon in the exclusive Mega Raids and earn some Mega Energy. Now that is quite exciting, and having a mega evolved Pokémon is currently every trainer’s dream. Now, you can easily battle alongside your friends remotely using the Remote Raid Passes, and that too just for a single PokeCoin. In this post, we will tell you how you can get three Raid Passes for only 1 PokeCoin in Pokémon GO.

What is Remote Raid Pass

Pokemon GO, Pokemon GO Remote Raid Pass, Pokemon GO PokeCoin Offer, Pokemon GO Redeem, Pokemon GO 1 PokeCoin Shop, Pokemon GO Mega Raid

A Remote raid pass, first released in Pokémon GO in April, and is pretty handy when it comes to Raid battles. Unlike the regular raid pass that can only be used to battle when you are in the range of a gym, the remote raid pass allows you to battle in raids remotely just by tapping on the raid from the nearby section in the game. But this requires the gym to be in your sight on the map. Another awesome use of the remote raid pass is to battle alongside your friends, no matter wherever they are living. When they join a raid, then they can invite you to participate in the raid battle alongside you. To accept their invite and join their raid battle you need a remote raid pass.

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How to Get 3 Remote Raid Passes 1 PokéCoin Only

Pokemon GO, Pokemon GO Remote Raid Pass, Pokemon GO PokeCoin Offer, Pokemon GO Redeem, Pokemon GO 1 PokeCoin Shop, Pokemon GO Mega Raid

As we have already said, you can only have a mega Pokémon after having the required amount of Mega Energy for that particular Pokémon. And, there is only a limited number of ways to get Mega Energy from the first is from the Special Research Tasks that are limited to certain Pokémon and, you have to wait longer or through the Mega Raid Battles. So, if you have ever wanted to battle alongside your far friend, then this is your chance. To get the Pokémon GO remote raid passes for on PokeCoin you have to go to the Pokémon GO in-game shop and click on the 1 PokeCoin remote raid pass under the “Limited Time Only” section. Now click on “Exchange,” and you successfully claimed the 1 PokeCoin Remote Raid Pass Bundle.

Note: Being a limited time offer, you can only claim the bundle until September 30, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. PDT. So be sure to claim this offer before its gone.

I Can’t Purchase 1 PokeCoin Remote Raid Pass

The offer is amazing, with no doubts, but comes with a condition. If you cannot purchase the 1 PokeCoin Mega Raid Pass bundle, then there could be two reasons for this. One, you do not have PokeCoins, and secondly, you already have 3 or more than three Remote Raid Pass in your bag. Now, Niantic already stated that you cannot stack more than three remote passes if you want to claim this offer. So, your best bet would be to use already existing remote raid pass to make it less than three and then try to claim the offer, it will work for sure.


Niantic has made our Mega September more excited by offering us such a heavy discount on the Remote raid passes. You get as many as three remote raids passes for just one PokeCoin, and that is crazy looking at the fact the real price of a single remote raid pass. Hope your Mega September goes well and be full of excitement.

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