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Pokémon GO – Pokémon Migration Update Increases Pokémon Spawns in More Areas Worldwide

Pokemon GO Update, Pokemon Migration Update, Pokemon Spawn Increase, Pokemon GO News, Pokemon GO Wayfarer

Pokestops and Gyms in Pokémon GO are the two quite important aspects of the game, and not having access to those basic features in the game, makes it lifeless and boring. Also, trainers who are living in areas where there are no Pokestops or Gyms are only able to encounter very limited Pokémon. But, Niantic always cares for the trainers and does what is best for all of us. In this article, we have discussed the Pokémon Migration Update, and Niantic Wayfarer program along with the most recent changes that have been made to Pokémon GO.

Pokémon Migration Update

Pokemon GO Update, Pokemon Migration Update, Pokemon Spawn Increase, Pokemon GO News, Pokemon GO Wayfarer

In a recent community note, Niantic announced a major Pokémon migration improvement in the game. The Pokémon migration improvement would remarkably improve the Pokémon spawn rates in even the most remote locations. This means that the trainers who are living in the areas with no Pokestops or Gyms such as rural, and other remote locations, will now experience increased Pokémon spawn rates around them. As a part of this major migration, Pokémon can now be found in more places around the world. This expansion would also expand the trainers base of the game by encouraging more players to join the Pokémon GO community and also be a part of the Pokémon GO Wayfarer Program.


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What is Pokémon GO Wayfarer Program

Pokemon GO Update, Pokemon Migration Update, Pokemon Spawn Increase, Pokemon GO News, Pokemon GO Wayfarer

Pokémon GO is a great game, no doubt. It has a lot of potentials and provides a great augmented reality experience on your mobile devices. Everyone and anyone can technically play Pokémon GO, but not all the trainers can make progress in the game. The major reason for that is due to the absence of any Pokestops or Gyms in their area.

But, there is no need to worry if your area has no Pokestop or Gym because you can build one yourself, with much effort. Thanks to the Niantic Wayfarer Program, any trainer can request for the construction of new Pokestops or Gyms in their area. The Wayfarer program is not a new feature and has been in the game for around a year. Every Pokémon GO player who is level 40, which is the current max level in the game, can request for the construction of a new Pokestop or Gym. They can request for areas near their locality, or at any place, they feel that a Pokestop or Gym should exist. Having more Pokestops and Gyms nearby not only opens up endless opportunities but also increases the Pokémon spawn rates.


Pokémon GO trainers, get ready for more Pokestops and Gyms in your area. Niantic is certainly quite active when it comes to improving one of the best augmented reality games of all time. Thanks to the major Pokémon migration, more Pokémon would spawn at remote locations. This would not only allow trainers to make progress in the game but also give them a chance of discovering, and catch newer Pokémon that they might have never seen before. This is a great step towards the improvement of Pokémon GO and makes it more trainer friendly.

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