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PUBG Mobile 1.0.4 BETA Update APK Download for Android [Official Link]

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PUBG Mobile has already stepped into the New Era, leaving behind a few things. These include the old user interface, graphics, and the game version numbering. If you are playing PUBG Mobile from the beginning, then you must be aware of how the different versions of PUBG Mobile were numbered. But after the New Era Update, the PUBG Mobile began from version 1.0, followed by 1.0.1, 1.0.2, and so on. Now, the latest PUBG Mobile update that has been released officially by the developers is the PUBG Mobile 1.0.4 BETA Update. In this post, we will discuss the PUBG Mobile 1.0.4 BETA Update APK Download for Android and the steps to install the same.

What’s New in PUBG Mobile 1.0.4 Beta Update

PUBG Mobile 1.0.4 Beta Update will bring Halloween related stuff as we all the Halloween is approaching, and PUBG Mobile is getting all set to entertain the players with the evergreen Infection Mode. The upcoming update will have improved Infection Mode and Payload Mode. Apart from this, there will be new events related to Halloween that will be released, with the final version of the upcoming update.

PUBG Mobile 1.0.4 BETA Update APK Download

Now, let us know how to download PUBG Mobile BETA Update and play it on your Android phone. Follow the steps given below to install the BETA update.

Step 1. First, download PUBG Mobile 1.0.4 BETA Update APK from the download button provided below.

Step 2. Now once the APK file is downloaded, locate the APK file named “” and install the APK file.

Step 3. If you have not enabled the “Install from Unknown Sources” option, then make sure to enable it by going to your phone “Privacy and Security” option.

Step 4. Once the BETA update of PUBG Mobile is installed, you can now start it by clicking on the new PUBG Mobile icon recently created on your phone.

Note: You do not need to uninstall/delete the stable version of PUBG Mobile to play the BETA Version, and you can play the BETA version while having the current version of PUBG Mobile installed on your phone.

(Disclaimer: PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are banned in some countries. Hence, users from those countries are not advised to download these games. We are not responsible for any further actions that you might take.)


Hope you would not face any problems downloading the 1.0.4 BETA Update for PUBG Mobile and running it on your phone. In case any error occurs during the installation then, you might want to re-install or re-download the APK file to run it without any issues. Also, you must make sure that there are at least 5-7 GB of free storage left of your device to run the game properly.

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