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PUBG Mobile Ban In India, Is It Permanent? PUBG Mobile Alternatives that You Can Play

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PUBG Mobile needs no introduction, especially for Indian mobile gamers. PUBG Mobile was released in 2018 and, since then it completely changed the Mobile Gaming Industry of India and became one of the most popular and most played mobile games ever. According to Sensor Tower, more than 175 million players of PUBG Mobile are from India that makes 25% of the total payer base for the game. But, now that PUBG Mobile is banned in India, there would be a huge loss for the gaming company in terms of active users and revenue. The ban took place on September 2, 2020, after the Government of India announced the ban of not just PUBG Mobile, but as many as 117 other applications that are either developed by Chinese companies or are linked to any Chinese company in any way. Although PUBG Mobile is not of Chinese origin, the publisher of the game, Tencent, is a Chinese tech giant.

Is PUBG Mobile Ban in India Permanent?

PUBG Mobile Ban India, PUBG Mobile Permanent Ban in India, PUBG Mobile Alternatives, PUBG Mobile similar games, Battle Royale Games, Is PUBG Mobile Chinese, India PUBG Mobile Ban, PUBG Mobile Ban News India

Every PUBG Mobile player is asking the question, “Is PUBG Mobile Ban in India Permanent?”. No one knows the answer to this question, and there are fifty percent chances that it could be a permanent ban. So far, hundreds of Chinese applications and games have already been banned in India by the Government, and are still banned to date. One of the most popular videos uploading social application TikTok was also banned in India a few months ago, and it is still banned until today.

So, it is up to the makers of PUBG Mobile, whether they will make any changes to the game, especially for the Indian players, change the replace the publisher with a new one, or completely develop a new PUBG Mobile alternative, similar to Game for Peace that was developed after PUBG Mobile was banned in China. Several possibilities could happen, and time will tell about what the future holds. Until then you can try out these five PUBG Mobile alternative games that you can try if Battle Royale experience is what you need.

PUBG Mobile Alternatives Battle Royale Games

Here are the five best alternative PUBG Mobile games that would provide you a Battle Royale experience in its won way. You can try out all these games and then decide for yourself which game is more appealing and provides what you are looking for.

1. Call of Duty Mobile (CODM)

The very first and the closest alternative toPUBG Mobile we can think of is the Call of Duty Mobile. CODM was released in September 2019 by Activision Publishing, Inc. is a great Battle Royale game that offers almost all the similar modes to PUBG Mobile, such as PvP, Sniper Training, Classic, Arcade, and all the other entertaining stuff.

2. Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is the most popular game, not only on this list but also all across the Google Play Store with more than 500 Million downloads. Free Fire has its huge player base of millions of daily active users and provides a unique Battle Royale experience. Unlike PUBG Mobile, where the classic matches can go as long as 35 minutes, in Free Fire one match is 10 minutes long.

3. Knives Out

Knives Out, no rules, just fight is a NetEase production, and provides a similar Battle Royale experience as PUBG Mobile. You can have as many as a total of five players in a team, and a total of 100 players play in a single match. You can play on different maps, have fun in different modes, and do a lot of other stuff in-game.

4. Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale is a 32 player realtime online multiplayer game. Unlike PUBG Mobile, where you have human-like characters, in Battlelands Royale, you play as tiny cartoon characters that look quite funny. Battlelands Royale is developed by Futureplay and released recently on August 18, 2020, and has already crossed 10 million-plus downloads on Google Play Store.

5. Survival Heroes

Survival Heroes is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Battle Royale game, and MOBA plus Battle Royale is a unique concept that you can experience with Survival Heroes. There are multiple locations to start your game, various gears to help you survive, and as many as 30 distinctive weapons that provide you with unique abilities.


PUBG Mobile Ban in India is unfortunate for Indian mobile gamers, but it just happened. Now, instead of getting sad about the ban, the only way out is to move on and try something new, something new, and keep trying until you find that one game to make you feel happier again and make you forget about what is gone.

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