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PUBG Mobile India Release Date News – Is the Game Releasing on 10 April 2021?

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PUBG Mobile India Ban is almost going to be completing a complete year since the game was banned last year, including major applications that were developed by Chinese software companies. If you are a PUBG Mobile lover, then you must be aware of the fact that PUBG Mobile, before its ban, was the most popular battle royale game in India. And, after it was banned by the Indian Government, many mobile gamers were quite disappointed and are, since then waiting for the PUBG Mobile ban to be lift-off in India. According to a few rumors that surfaced online, the PUBG Mobile release date is expected to be 10 April 2021. Let us talk about when is PUBG Mobile India launching, and if it is going to happen anytime soon.

First, let us know that the PUBG Mobile India release will only happen after the Central Government approves it, and without the approval, there is nothing that can make the re-launch of PUBG Mobile in India possible. Although, one good news for the PUBG Mobile lovers in India is that the parent company of PUBG Mobile that is Krafton, which is a Korean-based tech-giant, is working very hard to make the PUBG Mobile India re-launch possible in the coming days.

PUBG Mobile India Release Date 10 April 2021?

As we know, with hard work, comes great success, and with all the hard work put into making the PUBG Mobile India release happen by Krafton, there is an unofficial confirmation by various sources that the Indian Government has finally agreed for the re-launch of PUBG Mobile in India. This is rumored that PUBG Mobile is set to launch in India on 10 April 2021, but there is no official confirmation regarding this date. But, all these green signals and positive rumors regarding PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile are indirectly solidifying the claims of the re-launch very soon.

What to Expect in the coming days for PUBG Mobile India Release

Everything that has been mentioned here is unofficial, and there is nothing official regarding all these claims. Any claims that you might have read on other online sources, or seen on YouTube regarding the PUBG Mobile Release date or PUBG Mobile Indian launch are all just claims and should not be considered as the final decision. We all are aware that this is the crucial phase for Krafton, and all the PUBG Mobile lovers in India, thus all we can do is pray for our beloved battle royale game to make its re-appearance soon.

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