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PUBG Mobile Reliance Jio Partnership Might Unban PUBG Mobile in India for a Relaunch!

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PUBG Mobile is one of the most loved and played online multiplayer games on mobile phones all around the world. India is among the countries that make the majority of the user base for PUBG Mobile. But, sadly, due to the PUBG Mobile ban in India, players in the country are left saddened. The ban on the game was put up by the Indian Government on the allegations on not being safe for the privacy and security of the Indian users and thus banned PUBG Mobile in India under the Article 69A of the Information Technology Act. Since the ban has been put on PUBG Mobile, the game was removed from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for the Indian Region. Although recently, there has been an official statement made by PUBG Corporation regarding looking into the ban and figuring out all the possible ways to make PUBG Mobile unban in India. In this post, we are going to discuss the PUBG Mobile Reliance Jio Partnership that might unban PUBG Mobile in India and be relaunched soon.

PUBG Mobile Jio Partnership

PUBG Corporation that is the owner of the PUBG lineup of games, including PUBG PC, PUBG Mobile, and PUBG Mobile Lite, is actively monitoring the ban of PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite and looking to relaunch both these games as soon as possible. Thus, as per reports, PUBG Corporation officials are discussing regarding the ban with officials from Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance Jio. If everything goes well, we might be able to see the partnership between PUBG Mobile and Jio, as a result, to unban PUBG Mobile in India. Although this sounds relieving for an Indian PUBG Mobile player, it is not as easy as it might look and might take some time for any final decision.

PUBG Mobile Ban and Unban History

India is not the only country where PUBG Mobile is banned, and the list is long, even longer than you would expect. But, also there are countries, and that too India’s neighbors including Nepal and Pakistan where PUBG Mobile was banned by the respective government of the countries, but soon unbanned. Although the governing bodies of each country have their own set of rules and regulations that must be followed, so it cannot be said if the PUBG Mobile unban in India would be as easy as its neighboring countries.


Having your favorite game banned is not a very good thing to experience in a lifetime, but what has to happen, has to happen, period. Now the only way out of this situation and to have PUBG Mobile unban in India, the only major roles are to be played by the owner of the game, PUBG Corporation, and the Indian Government. No one else can do anything, but to wait. So, you can only hope for the ban to be lifted as soon as possible, and PUBG Mobile is relaunched in India, officially.

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