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PUBG Mobile Spectate Hack Users Beware!

PUBG Mobile Hack, PUBG Mobile Spectate Hack, PUBG Mobile Spectating System Upgrade, PUBG Mobile Wallhack, PUBG Mobile X-Ray Vision

PUBG Mobile is an increasingly popular Battle Royale Game on the mobile platform. Played by millions of daily worldwide users makes it one of the most played games on the mobile platform. Not only this, but PC gamers also love playing PUBG Mobile on PC using the PUBG Mobile Emulator. As we all know it is a game and the majority of players play it for fun, to improve their gaming skills and be better. But, on the other hand, some players use illegal ways to cheat in the game. These cheats are popularly known as PUBG Mobile Hacks. There are various types of PUBG Mobile Hacks each developed to cheat in the game in one way or another. Some of the most popular PUBG Mobile Hacks Include Wall Hack, No-Recoil Hack, High Jump, Aimbot Hack, and other such scripts which makes the cheater impossible to defeat in the game. Although these hacks get detected easily and the account is banned, but one hack which is impossible to detect is PUBG Mobile Spectate Hack.

In this article, we will discuss the PUBG Mobile Spectate Hack or Spectator Hack in detail, and know what has Tencent done to stop cheaters from using it.

What is PUBG Mobile Spectate Hack

PUBG Mobile Hack, PUBG Mobile Spectate Hack, PUBG Mobile Spectating System Upgrade, PUBG Mobile Wallhack, PUBG Mobile X-Ray Vision

Many PUBG Mobile players must have heard about the spectate hack, while others might be surprised to know about this method of cheating. The PUBG Mobile Spectate Hack is used by players who want to avoid their main account to be banned by PUBG Mobile, thus use this indirect way to cheat in-game. In this hack, a PUBG Mobile player uses a different phone logged in with a temporary PUBG Mobile account with X-Ray Vision. For those who do not know what the X-Ray Vision Hack is, must know that this is one of the most popular ways of cheating in various online multiplayer games. It allows the cheater to see through structures such as buildings, walls, fences, vehicles, and every other solid object through which a normal player cannot see anything. Many PUBG Mobile players often use the term “Wall Hack” to refer to X-Ray Vision.

A player who is using the Wall Hack in PUBG Mobile only requires three things to make it work:

  1. Another phone with the latest version of PUBG Mobile installed on it.
  2. A temporary PUBG Mobile account, other than the main.
  3. The X-Ray Vision hack, or Wall Hack Script.

These three basic things allow the cheater to take unfair advantage during a match without even being detected by the anti-cheat system. He or she is capable of seeing through objects, getting the exact location of enemy hideouts, know the distance at which the enemy is located, etc.

Why the PUBG Mobile Spectate Hack User is not Banned

PUBG Mobile Hack, PUBG Mobile Spectate Hack, PUBG Mobile Spectating System Upgrade, PUBG Mobile Wallhack, PUBG Mobile X-Ray Vision

The answer to this question is pretty straightforward, is because he or she is playing as a normal player in PUBG Mobile. But then why the to spectate account with X-Ray vision active gets banned, you may ask. The answer is because it is not playing the game, but just spectating. And, the anti-cheat system cannot ban a payer who is just standing in a lobby simply watching his or her friend play. And, even reporting the spectate account would not get it banned due to the same reason.

Now, you might wonder that the player using PUBG Mobile Spectate Hack cannot be banned ever. Yes, sadly this is correct. A PUBG Mobile Spectate Hack user cannot be banned by the anti-cheat and so their spectate account. But, recently due to the increasing number of spectate hack users, the developers have come up with a way that would simply make the X-Ray vision not work properly. Below we have discussed the PUBG Mobile Spectating System Upgrade and how it works.

PUBG Mobile Spectating System Upgrade

PUBG Mobile Hack, PUBG Mobile Spectate Hack, PUBG Mobile Spectating System Upgrade, PUBG Mobile Wallhack, PUBG Mobile X-Ray Vision

Great news for many legit players, but bad news for the PUBG Mobile Hack users is that the developer team of PUBG Mobile has improved and hardened the whole spectating feature. This would make things a lot more favorable for the player who plays using their skills, and not hacks. Tackling all the complications of this method of cheating in PUBG Mobile, they have finally made the PUBG Mobile spectate hack fail once and for all (hope). The upgraded spectating system works by enabling a better synchronization between the three major components of PUBG Mobile which are as follows:

  • Host A player who is playing the match is considered as a Host in PUBG Mobile. If you are playing the match then you are the Host.
  • Server All the game data is received, transmitted, and processed on the server. Without a server, you would not be able to play the game.
  • Spectator A spectator is a client who is watching the match as is capable of receiving all the data as the Host. Basically, a spectator can see everything, which the player playing the game is capable of, the only difference is the spectator is not able to control anything.

In Simple Words: If you could not understand the above terms then do not worry here is a simple example using which you will definitely understand all three terms in a simple way. Imagine a small aquarium in your house with a fish swimming in it. Now the fish which is swimming in the water of the aquarium is the (HOST). The water in which the fish is swimming in the (SERVER) without which the fish would have nothing to swim, and you are the viewer who is seeing the fish swimming in the aquarium from outside.

Now, what PUBG Mobile has done is that they have upgraded the spectator system in such a way that unlike before where all the server data was being transmitted to the spectator, now, only limited data will be shown.

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How PUBG Mobile New Spectator System will Stop Spectate Hack Users

PUBG developers have tackled this issue very smartly which they could have implemented a little bit earlier. But, better late than never, and finally they have done something useful for the legit players. The upgraded spectator system works in such a way which will not be noticeable by the spectators and all the work is being done in the background.

When a PUBG Mobile Spectate Hack user or a normal spectator joins the spectator window, the game server decides what data to show to the spectator and what not. When the player (who is playing the match) is capable of seeing the enemy then only the server would release the data to the spectator. This means only when the normal player can view the enemies, the spectator would get the data from the server and the enemy would be visible to him/her. Even if the player is using the Wall Hack or X-Ray Vision hack on the spectator account, even then the hack would not work because due to the lack of game data. The hack will only be capable to detect the enemy when the enemy is visible to the player normally. This makes the PUBG Mobile Spectate hack of no use until the cheater decides to use hacks on their main account, eventually getting Banned.


This concludes to the fact that now using PUBG Mobile hacks such as X-Ray Vision or Wallhack would not work in spectator mode. This would surely make the cheaters either drop the idea of playing PUBG Mobile, find other ways to hack or use the scripts on their main PUBG Mobile account just erase a hacker from the PUBG Mobile database. You can share your views about this in the comment section below.

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